Without visibility you don’t have a business, you need your ideal client to see you before you can even hope to make a sale. But understanding how and where to be visible for your unique business isn’t something everyone just instinctively knows. I have worked with some incredible  female business owners who had spent years shying away from being too visible. This usually came down to one of two reasons; either they were fearful of what people might think of them or they just didn’t have the strategies in place and didn’t know how to get visible effectively. Sound familiar?

My Visibility Journey – From Fear to Fortune

To be honest these two blocks often go hand in hand, I know they did for me. When I first started my business I was writing using an online freelance platform, people from around the world would post jobs and I would apply. I had no social media presence, no website, no blog, no sales funnel – nothing. As a new freelancer this system was sufficient to give me invaluable experience and hone my skills but it soon became evident to me that this was a dead end. The market was competitive and the main driving force for selecting freelancers tended to be money, the cheapest bidder would get the gig. If I wanted to make a real go of a writing career I had to do something different, I had to get visible.

I decided to write a blog, I had just had a baby so writing about parenthood made sense for where I was in my life. I hoped that writing my own blog would showcase my writing skills and gain me writing work. Of course it didn’t, sure I was visible, my blog was doing very well when I shut it down with 51k views over just one weekend but it was taking a lot of my time and not creating my any income.

This was because I wasn’t taking to my ideal client, I was making connections but for the most part it was with the wrong people and in the wrong places and crucially I was using the wrong words to connect.

Business was struggling, I had work but most of it was still through the online platform where I was earning penny’s. I got to a point where financially and mentally I was about to break and yet I was still working disproportionate hours. My relationship with my husband was strained and I had no time for my children, who were my inspiration for going self employed in the first place!  

Something had to change

So as 2016 came to a close I was ready to take serious action in my business and get strategic. I knew that a lot of what was holding me back was in my own mind, I was self-sabotaging myself at every turn so as well as creating a visibility strategy it was time to get out of my own way.

By investing in myself, getting clear on my ideal clients, creating a sales funnel and spending LESS time on social media I actually quadrupled my monthly income in 12 months.  This process didn’t happen overnight and I am still breaking blocks everyday. Uplevelling isn’t something you do and then sit back from, it is a constant process of personal, financial and spiritual development but none of it is possible without effective visibility.

The problem is that women entrepreneurs feel like they are being pulled left, right and centre with everyone telling them the NUMBER ONE BEST strategy, but they can’t all be the best surely? This makes us feel equally cynical and anxious at the same time, we either don’t take any action at all or try to do everything and risk burnout. Couple this with the potentially crippling fear that we are not good enough and our businesses become stuck.

I want to help women like you who feel this way do two things. Firstly, recognise your own power, your own strengths and beauty. I want you to come into alignment and have the confidence to be visible. I also want you to have an effective visibility strategy in place, one that will utilise your time and energy effectively so you can grow your business and get MORE time with your family.

Are you ready to uplevel your visibility?

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