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I teach passionate women in business to write better content

and become courageously visible through

the power of mission-led copy

I teach passionate women in business to write

better content and become courageously visible

through the power of mission-led copy

Hi I’m Lisa

I can help you write Mission Led Content

You love your business and the work you do. You know you make a difference to people’s lives and you desperately want to grow your business so you can have a bigger impact and earn more money.

BUT your message seems to be getting lost.

You try to show up on social media but you don’t really know what to write and where to write it. You get overwhelmed with talk of algorithms and the thought of being judged online makes your blood turn cold.

The problem is, you know that this reluctance to bring visible and lack of confidence writing copy is slowing down your business growth. You could be reaching so many more people, making more of a difference and increasing your income and still you feel stuck.

This is where I come in and introduce you to Mission Led Content.

I believe that when we connect to our mission, the impact we want our business to have on the world, we can step out of our own way. We can show up and be courageously visible because it’s not about us or our fragile egos anymore it’s about reaching those who need us.

I believe that copy is like everything else in our universe; energy. It’s therefore more important to raise our vibration, find systems and processes that work for us as individuals (dump the cookie cutter approach), and show the fuck up.

I also believe it’s a lot harder to do this alone.

Which is why I created the MLC (Mission Led Content Mentorship Community), a program packed full of training to help women write better copy. What makes this group phenomenal though isn’t the training (although, it’s obviously awesome😉) but the community of women supporting each other fiercely as they navigate the highs and lows of visibility and business growth with Mission Led Copy.

Doors open 3 times a year and just before they do I run a free 5 day challenge to help you to get started and get leads using this strategy.


Lea Horvatic

“Lisa is the most incredible, wholehearted, cheeky, funny and WISE content coach there is! She will give of herself selflessly to guide you on your path to create a real, heart-led mission content possible, to reach your targets and attract the best possible clients to you. If you want the REAL stuff, Lisa is your coach!” <3

Tracy Rampling Brown

“Lisa’s 5 Day Mission Led Content Challenge was a brilliant, eye-opening experience. Her challenge tasks are designed to help you cut through the noise and get to the heart of your mission so that your content flows from a powerful place of love and service. Lisa is witty and engaging and gloriously authentic. Her no holds barred approach will empower you to push outside your comfort zone. If you’re thinking about participating, all I can say is jump in and do it!”

Philippa Aldridge

“Holy Moly! This woman knows her stuff! Lisa Barry is a breath of fresh air and makes writing copy so easy. In the first 3 days of her Get Leads with Mission Led Content challenge I have been able to write posts that flowed, came from the heart and were basically easy to do because of her practical, caring and organised way of working. Thank you Lisa” xx

Vicky Kinmond

“Only two hours after implementing Lisa’s strategies, I had a lead straight into my inbox. This woman works magic. Not only that, but she is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. If you were considering working with her, you can stop considering now and book her immediately.

Louise Fowen

“I’m now into the third week of the four-week content plan Lisa helped me create… well I should say, she created for me! Lisa was brilliant! Throughout the one hour call, she quickly powered through lots of questions about my business, tapping away in the background, and before I knew it, I had 28 days worth of content ideas which are aligned to my business. It’s made life so much easier. If you’re stuck for content ideas, I highly recommend Lisa.”

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