I have struggled with how to write this post, even though I am a writer, every time I try, I feel like I’m talking in cliché’s but I couldn’t give up. I need you to know that you can be financially successful without sacrificing your values. In other words, becoming financially wealthy doesn’t mean you have to turn into a Tory!

Obviously, I say that last part with a pinch of humour but in all seriousness, the negative beliefs I grew up with about wealth, money and the self-serving people who controlled it, became a real subconscious block when I became self-employed.

Within 2 months of identifying and breaking these blocks I doubled my income and by implementing a structured strategy, I continue to grow my income every single month.

As a content marketer by trade, I strongly believe in the power of human connection and that understanding how to build meaningful, real and significant connections is what manifests conversions. Learning how to do this DOES NOT involve abandoning your principles or voting Tory!

Don’t worry, I am not going to get super political here, this actually isn’t about the Conservatives, Labour or even the Monster Raving Loony Party, this is about how I grew up with the limiting belief that there were people in our world that controlled the money and I would never be one of them. It is about how I believed that these people were immoral and that I was in fact too principled to become ‘one of them.’

This is about how I smashed this belief, built meaningful connections, served my clients and grew my business. This is about how you can do this too.

I know that wealth isn’t just the accumulation of money, abundance comes in many forms but when you haven’t got enough money to live the life you desire (even a simple one), then the absence of it controls you.

As a child, my mum worked up to 3 jobs, life was still hard for her and she relied on every penny. I remember so clearly the fear in her eyes when the tax man took more than his fair share.

My mum and I


All this to the backdrop of a Thatcher government, the Poll Tax riots and The Good Life on repeats, I began to form strong beliefs about money and those with it. In my developing mind, I could see the rich and poor, them and us. In essence, they were the Tories and we were everyone else.I did not want money to be a motivator in my life choices.

I trained as a teacher, youth worker and coach; I got married, bought a house and started a family. Life was on track but every month was a struggle. I realised that my idealistic view of the working class was flawed. The image of my mum, frozen in financial fear had become my reality.

After being made redundant I started my own business as a writer but just wanting more wasn’t enough. I went into self-employment riddled with these money blocks. How could I attract money when I was still so angry at the injustice it caused in the world?

My bad relationship with money meant that the first four years I resisted success. I worked myself into the ground but saw little reward. I knew nothing of systems, sales funnels or ideal clients and found myself trapped on a hamster wheel. I was still stuck in the old PAYE mind-set of exchanging money for time and every hour I worked was the difference between paying the mortgage or going under. I had hit my glass ceiling and came to an emotional breaking point.

After working with a professional funnel coach and kinesiologist, I finally recognised that desiring money did not make me a bad person; I didn’t have to be self-serving to desire an income that will provide for my family and allow us to live a life of freedom I longed for.

I realised that I didn’t have to buy a flash car or live in a mansion or eat oysters. I could live a life of abundance and freedom spending my summers camping and growing my own veg (well I would if I didn’t kill everything I tried to grow)!

I started to imagine the choices that money would give me and who I could help as a result, the organic, local food I could buy, the sustainable businesses I could invest in, the charities I could really make a difference to.

The clients that I could serve.

And this was when I had a huge shift. I Recognised that I didn’t need to come from a place of sleazy sales, instead, I could approach my business and my clients with an open heart. I was going to serve and support them, adding value to their life and their business.

Ironically, when I focused on this value and not on the money I was earning (or the lack of it) I earned more! This was because my attention was on my customers and I created deeper relationships with them that led to sales.

You see, when you combine smashing money blocks with powerful tools and systems to connect with clients from a place of love, then I can promise you, the universe delivers.

Let me share with you the problem I recognized with the way women have been taught to market their business and show you a Free Facebook tool that changed the way I saw my ideal client.


Step into Your Success

My idea of what a businesswoman was made it difficult for me to really step into the role myself. Back in the early days, I was resistant to even tell people what I did. I was afraid of what people would think. A businesswoman was someone who was from a different class than me, she wore different clothes, went to different bars and went on different holidays. I had massive imposter syndrome.

Not having the confidence to promote myself meant that I was missing out on work and the opportunity to take my business to the next level. I had to have the courage to step out of my business and my own ego. I had to stop and spend time on my own professional and personal development. It was hard to do this because I was in a trap of exchanging money for time but if I hadn’t I would have stayed in that same place forever.

It was during my work with a coach and under her instruction that I discovered the backend of Facebook; this was the beginning, a catalyst which has catapulted me upwards. It stirred a shift inside me that changed the way I did business and related to my ideal client. It helped me create deep and meaningful connections that I am still building upon today.


Work for Joy AND Abundance

When you don’t want to be motivated by money then why do you bother working at all? The truth is we all work for money but I used to think I was doing it for the joy, let me tell you, there is not much joy in counting down the days till payday!  Besides, since when does doing what you love mean you have to sacrifice financial abundance?

Believing that you have to choose between living a good life or a rich life is illogical but money blocks are; they lie deep inside our mind sabotaging our success. I reached a certain level in my business but hit a plateau and had no idea why. The truth was I wasn’t allowing myself to go further and I didn’t have the systems in processes in place to allow it either.

Learning a combination of block breaking mindset work and creating content that connects I have been teaching my clients how to grow their businesses beyond their glass ceilings too. Like everything in business, it all starts with your ideal client.


Our simple holiday was full of abundance


Money Makes Your World Go Around

As a global community, we need more women to dispel these old myths and up-level their business and their lives. Money makes the world go around and it IS power, it is time for us to take that control. It is not about taking it from anyone else but owning what we deserve, what the world deserves.