Mission Led Content is a content marketing strategy with a heart. It isn’t necessarily a change in content (although that’s often the result) but instead it’s a change in mindset. In this post I will explain what Mission Led Content is, who it is for, how it can help you make positive change in the world and how it can help grow your business.  

What is Mission Led Content?

Content marketing is content that’s shared online to promote your business. It can be social media posts, blogs or videos. Content marketing is used to build brand awareness, position you as the expert and build relationships with potential and existing clients.

Mission Led Content Marketing is simply inspired by a powerful message. It’s not motivated by simply converting followers into clients, it’s motivated by inspiring change.

Mission Led Content is potentially polarising. When you stand for something, you naturally stand against something else. Mission Led Content will resonate strongly with some people but trigger others.

Who needs Mission Led Content?

Everyone in business should be creating content but mission led is for business owners who want to have a positive impact on the world. They want to inspire change whether that’s on an international, national, community or personal level.

How can it help you create positive change?

People often talk about the importance of having a business message but Mission Led businesses go further and consider first what their intentions are. Ask yourself, what your bigger goals are, beyond money? How you want to make people feel? How you want to change lives?

The answers to these questions should inform all the content created and every word written. This allows your mission to be clearly heard and understood by your audience, it inspires people who are aligned and excited by your mission to join you, it creates a buzz around your business and inspires change both internally and externally in others.

How can it help you grow your business?

When you put your mission at the front of your content marketing strategy, you stand out. You attract people who are moved by your intentions and the relationships you create are deeper.

Words inspire change but they also inspire action and as you grow your movement, your ideal client will joyfully support you by contributing to your mission and buying your product or service. As a result your business grows but it also feels good.

Are you on a mission?

If you want to make a positive change in the world then you can’t do it alone. Words are powerful tools that can inspire people to take action. This action doesn’t have to just be buying your product or service, Mission Led Content you create a tribe, inspire change and start a movement.

If your business is destined to be bigger than you and you are on a mission to make positive change then the words you write can help you do this. Words create waves so why not start a tsunami.

The best place to start is a plan. I can help you organise your thoughts into a structured blog plan so that you know what content to share every single day.

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