Ask yourself where money comes from? This isn’t an ‘ask the universe’ type of question (although I do love those), this is a practical question; ‘how does your business actually generate an income?’

We all know there isn’t a magic money tree (or at least Theresa May tells us there isn’t) and there is no prince in Nigeria, the answer is simpler than that; it’s other people.

You get paid by other human beings that see value in what you offer and see it worthy of their hard earned cash (which incidentally has been paid to them by other human beings too)!

You see, it doesn’t matter how many positive affirmations you do, how many courses you go on or how much money you spend on Facebook ads, if your energy is only inward your business growth will be limited. The real transformation happens when you look outward and focus your time and energy on those ‘other people.’

As a copywriter and content marketer I am passionate about helping my clients build real authentic relationships because it is these relationships that lead to conversions. It upsets me to see women in business being told to use manipulative marketing techniques when the truth is that when we focus on the connections we make, not only are we able to make more money but we build meaningful friendships that nurture more than our bank account, they nurture our soul too. We are born to connect to others, so don’t deny yourself this ancestral right in pursuit of money. Get this right and you get to show up every day and earn good money serving the people you love, and THAT feels freaking awesome.

Alex, Lisa and Lisa the ALL Online team and business buddies
From faceless to facetime

I started my business with two small children at home. I was desperate for money and discovered online platforms like Upwork that allowed me to apply for writing jobs that I could do at home with the kids under my feet.

At first this was revolutionary, I loved the fact that I was able to get paid for doing something I loved and staying home with my babies. All I wanted to do was contribute to the family income. I didn’t want the pressure all to be on my husband and I didn’t want us to be panicking about money every month. Upwork seemed like the answer but soon the cracks began to appear

On Upwork, I was a faceless commodity. I had a profile with a picture and a CV but it was only when the client decided to hire me that I was able to build a relationship with them. Some of these were very successful, I still have clients now that I worked with on Upwork in years gone by but most of the time people would make their hiring decisions based on money alone. They were not getting the opportunity to see me, to know me, to see my value. If other freelancers promised the same work for less then without the relationship they had no reason to go with me.

One cold November day, not long after I had given birth to my third baby, everything changed. I was invited to a Bizmum networking meeting. It was child friendly so I took two of my three kids and I showed up with zero expectations. The moment I walked in I realised what I had been missing out on; other human beings. To sit in a room with women who understood my life, the juggling, the mothering, the self employment lark, it was exhilarating! I no longer felt alone.

Michelle Childs (founder of Bizmums, business partner and client)

Suddenly it all made sense, I was already helping clients with their content marketing but until that day, I never saw the connection between how I was helping them build relationships and what I needed to do to grow my own business. When  I stopped focusing on online job applications and instead turned my attention to relationships with actual people I genuinely wanted to work with I saw an incredible change.


I complimented this by learning strategies and the sales funnel process so that I could build relationships with more people in a manageable way and help my clients to do the same. With this new attitude and skill set I quadrupled my business in a year and was on more than my previous full time teacher salary.


Life is full of ups and downs though and the following year was tough. I had family shit to deal with and it put me completely out of whack. I lost the confidence to promote myself or run any big programs and I just did what I needed to to get by.


But when I was at my lowest mentally something magical happened. This was the moment I recognised the deeper power of the relationships I had worked so hard to build.


You see I had a pool of regular clients who kept coming back for more work or referring me to other people. I may not have been pushing myself or in a mental space to grow at a significant rate but the relationships I already had in place allowed me to sustain my business through the toughest of times.


Not only that, they kept me going spiritually. I had built more than just business relationships, I had built friendships. Some of them I have never actually met in person but through the magic of the internet and facetime, these relationships are real.


These people are so much more than my clients or followers, at times they have been my saving grace and I an eternally grateful to every single one of them.


It is my mission to help you build relationships that count, both for your bank account and your soul. As a copywriter I know that the words we use in our business are powerful tools to attract the right people. The problem many of my clients have when writing copy is they worry so much about getting it right that they either don’t do it at all or don’t do it enough.

Start connecting and converting

The bottom line is relationships matter. As human beings we are born to connect. When it comes to using this knowledge to grow your business knowing the technicalities  of writing copy empowers you to get out of your head and start writing from the heart.

I want you to be able to let go and focus on what benefits your business growth and your soul; real human connection.

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