The average email open rate according to industry standard is just 24%, now people will tell you that emails are dead but even by these standards if you have 100 people in your email list, this will still be 24 people that you are deepening relationship with and that’s a stat that should not be dismissed. Of course we can all aim higher than average; increasing the open rate allows you to build and deepen relationship with even more people and as a result increase the opportunity to create conversions.

Give them a good reason

There are several ways to increase the open rate but the best way to engage your email list is to STEP BACK. Take a moment to think about how you got them onboard in the first place. What did they sign up for? Have you given them a good enough reason to sign up and then remember who you are, to engage with you and open your subsequent emails.

Creating something that really connects is essential. Start by making sure that what you are giving people a free gift that is meaningful enough to create a human connection with you, without this you are just another person who pops in their inbox.

Share your story

Once you have this ready you need a marketing plan to promote this gift that is powerful enough to leave an impression and keep you in forefront of their mind. I recommend sharing your story in a way that is really connected to them and that meets them where they are right now.

You can do this through blog posts, videos and social media posts, sharing your opt in as the call to action on all of them. Doing it this way allows you to build a deeper relationship and increase brand awareness. This way, you can address their problems before you offer your real valuable solution.

Aim to serve and transform

Every single thing that you do should come from a perspective of creating mini transformations. At this point, you should aim to create shifts in the mindset that will get them ready to sign up and eager to learn more.

Doing it in such a way is authentic and true, it comes from the heart. That’s where the magic happens. The open rate when done this way is more than 50% – doubling the industry standard.

If you can reach more people it is valuable but what’s more important is that these people remember who you are; your name, what you provide, who you are as individual and how you support them.

There is no point having a thousand people if 99% are disengaged and do not care about you. It’s about creating an aligned and engaged list of people who are waiting for your next email.

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