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28 Mission Led Social Media Templates
Can Be Yours Today

Do you have a desire to make a positive change in the world? Do you know that your business really helps people and transforms lives? 

Do you struggle to communicate this message with your audience, you know you need to be more visible but you worry about what to say on social media?

I can help! 

As a copywriter and content marketer, I have spent 6 years helping inspirational women inspire others. Women either outsource to me or I teach them how to use their words to make waves. 

I now run the incredible Mission Led Content Mentorship program that is packed full of social media templates and I am giving you the opportunity to get your hands on 28 of these today.

Lisa’s templates are really useful. Unlike some I’ve seen, they seem very natural and fit with my ethos. Very clear and it’s easy to see how to adapt them to make them your own.

– Rachel

Why would you want these templates?

These 28 templates give you more than a months worth of Mission Led Content. You can reuse them again, and again and again. Telling different stories, making different offers and asking your audience different questions. They are an unlimited resource.

Although every post will be unique, each post will also be connected to your Mission. Every word will be driven by the Mission Led principles that put your audience and the change you want to make in the world at the centre of every word you write.

These 28 templates consist of a video and a written guide with a real-life example of my own copy that you can adapt.

Rules are made to be broken so although these templates are yours to use how you choose, I have designed them to help you understand why your words matter and inspire you to create content that feels in full alignment with your soul.

I have taken these templates straight from my mentorship group where the members are using them daily and getting incredible results right now.

My mission is to help people like you feel more confident sharing their passion on social media and having the tools to be courageously visible. 

The result of getting yourself ‘out there’ is more leads which result in more sales and a bigger impact in the world. 

That’s what we all want right?

I love Lisa Barry’s templates and videos! They have really helped me understand different ways to write content and have allowed me to create a mix of posts in a way I could have never done before. At the same time, whenever I get stuck about what to write, I head straight back to them – just looking at them is like a trigger and source of inspiration.

Thank you Lisa – you have helped take my posts to another level!

– Lyn

How much time will it take?

Getting to grips with each template should take no more than a few minutes (depending on the specific post). I want to make creating Mission Led Content easier for you so that the process becomes quicker and you spend less time banging your head against… a blank screen.

Lifetime access to the content

Once you have the templates they are yours forever to reuse as many times as you like. these 28 templates potentially provide you with unlimited social media content.

How much does it cost?
These 28 templates are available for just £197.

When social media is the driving force behind online businesses in 2019, the return on investment is significant and not to be missed.

Using these templates myself, I have generated approximately 60K of sales via social media this year alone.

There are days you can find it difficult to be spontaneous in content creation. Plus, to ensure you meet the needs of your audience using the templates in Mission Led Mentorship Programme is a foolproof way of delivering variety. No cookie cutting but frameworks to make your own. Love it!

– Michaela Leyland

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