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I want to raise your visibility and do so in a way that feels freaking awesome to you as the unique and fierce female entrepreneur you are. This is done by helping you build real genuine relationships with the right people, using the power of language to connect and serve. As a result you will convert but you will get even more out of your business than a pay cheque, you’ll get the satisfaction that only comes from connecting to other human beings and making a difference in their lives.

I can grow your business in one of two ways; you can either outsource to me and get professionally written copy that will connect with your ideal client OR let me teach you how to create this standard of copy yourself, empowering you with the skills to build relationships through the powerful words you write.

  What can you outsource to me?

Have a comprehensive and professional assessment of your online performance completed by the ALL ONLINE team. Have a detailed report with an action plan delivered into your inbox within 7 days.

Packages start £75

Working in partnership with the ALL ONLINE team, we provide everything you need for your online business including a website, business cards, leaflets, social media support, logos and connective copy. Find out more about this one stop online shop here.

Blogs and articles for submission 

A 12-blog plan £150 
From £50 per blog 
Special retainer price  from £40 per month

Blogs are your opportunity to connect, make an impact, deepen your relationship and show your value. You are able to use regular blogs to establish yourself as the expert in your field, show you understand your audience and speak in their language. If written correctly they can also improve your SEO and drive traffic to your website, resulting in signups and sales. A blog is not an overnight strategy for business growth but it is a key part of a consistent long-term content marketing plan.

Website Copy

From  £75 per page

Your website should be working for you, bringing in new leads, converting sign-ups and sales. The words you use in this space are powerful and give you the opportunity to make a connection with your ideal client. Your website copy should tell your story, it should show you understand the challenges of your prospects at a deep level and just as importantly, you have the solution!

Email  Marketing

Retainer for regular marketing emails from £35 per month

You don’t own your Facebook page, Mark Zuckerberg does. Your email list on the other hand is yours. You might hear people tell you that email is dead but the thousand unopened emails in your inbox do not reflect the industry. It is still a highly converting strategy if done right of course. Deepen your relationship and turn those sign ups into sales.

Social Media

Prices start from £75 per month retainer

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all require highly connective copy that’s plays by the rules of each unique platform. Take the pressure off yourself and get professionally written posts that will maximise reach as part of your content strategy.

Sales Page

Prices from £150

A sales page is designed to sell one particular offer, product or service. It can very very tricky to write a sales page without sounding like a second-hand car salesman, the best sales pages do more than just bragging about features, they enable the reader to connect with possibilities and consider how different their lives could be with your help. A good sales page can make the difference between a successful launch or a complete flop.

Strategy calls

My high quality, bespoke 1-2-1 strategy calls buys you 1 hour of my focused time, enabling the two of us to create a strategy that you can take forward, empowered with fresh knowledge and motivation to build relationships and grow your business,

Create an Aligned Sales Funnel to Channel Relationships

A sales funnel is a strategy to build relationships with a cold audience and take them on a journey towards a sale. It starts with a lead magnet; a free gift that you give to your prospects in exchange for their email address. Once they are on your list you have the opportunity to build a relationship, give exclusive value and share more of your story to prove your worth.

On this journey to your high-value offer you can provide smaller lower cost products and services, these provide a passive income while at the same time creating deeper transformations for the buyer. People are more likely to buy high price offers when they spend a lower amount first. They get to experience a little more of your expertise and feel the benefits.

This process continues, building leads, relationships, and sales, taking your prospects step by step towards your signature course, product or service. The funnel system I teach also includes a strategic Facebook ads strategy that attracts a new audience and retargets your warm audience. This process is the same as industry leaders are using if they can grow their businesses this way, so can you.

Online Course with BizMums VIP

Build your aligned funnel at your own pace with my online course. This is currently only available to Bizmum VIPs. Doors open for membership 4 times a year. Get standard Bizmum membership here. This is an affiliate link but this network of mums in business was a game changer for me, get access to training through the academy, the most awesome supportive members-only Facebook group and be first to know when you can upgrade and get my course as a VIP.

Sales Funnel Coaching

Prices start at £750

Let me teach you the powerful process that will empower you with the knowledge and skills to build sales funnel after sales funnel and watch your relationships grow with your business. Hop on a discovery call now and allow me to present a strategy, risk, and obligation free.

Sales Funnel Build

Prices start from £1500

My team and I cannot build a highly converting sales funnel for you without your input but if you want the research, tech, creative side and copy is done for you to a highly professional standard then let us do the hard work. If you only want part of a funnel built, we can discuss this and deliver to you exactly what you need. Hop on a discovery call now and allow me to present a strategy, risk, and obligation free.

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Supercharge your Progress

Upgrade to my Booster Package and get three 1:1 sessions with me!

Supercharge your progress!

Upgrade to my Booster Package and get three 1:1 session’s with me, taken when you need them over the course of the 12-week program. 

These 1:1 calls are available to all members of the community but by securing your place today you make a saving of £50. 

If now is your time to boost your mission then this option will give you both the benefit of the content and community of the group and bespoke support.