Attention ALL Value-Driven Women in Business

Starting on September 7th,




  • If you want to have a bigger impact on the world
  • If you struggle to feel heard in the chaos of social media.
  • If you worry about what others think about your copy
  • If you hate the manipulative marketing 

Join a community of equally passionate women. Get clear on the difference you want to make in the world and learn how to use it in your copy to get leads. 

Ann – Marie Clare

I’ve had the awesome support of Lisa Barry and the lovely ladies in the Mission-Led Content Community!

I learnt also that good copy is often a team effort, so if you see anything that I could change/add hola as I’m certainly open to new and fresh squidgy ideas to make my copy rock even MORE!”

Sarah Bailey

“Lisa is at the top of her game for website copy and content plans. Her ability to turn something good into something great is absolutely mindblowing and so easy for her. I absolutely love working with Lisa and you will too. If you’ve been feeling stuck or mind blocks, let this Genie’us out of the bottle into your world!

Vicky Martin

“I had a mission led content session with Lisa today and she was great at getting me to talk about my business, what I did and how I help my ideal client. She helped me develop a great monthly plan for my social media in a format that is easy to use and accessible on the go. Really enjoyed working with her!

Hi I’m Lisa

As an experienced copywriter and content marketer, I have worked with a range of women in business from the 6 figure clients to those getting their first lead. What binds them all is their mission to make the world a better place and it has given me enormous pleasure to help them to do this with powerful value-driven copy that converts.

In all those years, working with hundreds of women, I learnt a very transformative lesson;

Copy and content are more about confidence, clarity and passion than skill.

Like everything else in life, the words we use are energy and when we get stuck in worrying about what we can’t do or worry what people will think, we become blocked.

So I set my own mission.

Earlier this year I launched the Mission Led Content Mentorship Program where instead of writing copy for these women, I give them the tools and confidence to write their own. The success of this group and the women in it has been incredible. Not only do they have leads but they have a new and growing sense of confidence in their copy and their energy has shifted.

Now, I want to give you a taste of this community absolutely free.

In these 5 days, you will:


  • Define your mission
  • Learn how to use this to power your content
  • Get inside access to the training in my mentorship group
  • Use content templates available to guide your copy
  • Be part of a community of women who are all on a mission

Suzanne Dinter

“I count myself extremely lucky to have been one of Lisa’s first Mission-Led Content Mentoring Course clients. Her knowledge, expertise and dedication to her clients are second-to-none. 

Her Mission-Led Content Plan is genius and has given me the structure and focus I so craved but at the same time, is flexible enough to evolve and change as my message does.

I highly recommend doing her Mission-Led Content Mentoring course if you’re faffing about with random content posting because you don’t know what to write about and/or if you’re lacking focus and a mission for your business to attract your ideal clients. Lisa will help you get clarity!”

Kathryn Goddard

“Lisa is an extremely experienced copywriter providing well researched and thought provoking blogs. Lisa is great fun to work with, approachable and creative in her thinking.

I recently worked with Lisa to provide a strategy for my social media, it was well thought out and achievable.

I now feel confident in creating posts across all platforms that are relevant and of interest to my clients.

Parul Banka

“There are marketing coaches in this world and there is Lisa. Someone who is honest, kind and fun to work with. Someone who goes completely soft as she acknowledges other people on her live videos with a ‘hiiiii’. Someone who when asked, “Will this help me make 6 figures in 6 weeks?” does not say what you may want to hear but what is real. Someone who balances ‘being an authority on her subject’ really well with ‘you are an expert on yourself and your business and not me’. In short, if you are done with false promises and overnight success hacks and are looking at building a business based on relationships, Lisa is your girl!

Learn how to define your mission and use it to get leads with content.
Doors Close Midnight on the 4th of September.
Are you ready to get your mission on?