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Hi, I’m Lisa Barry!

I grew up with a desire to help people. I wanted my life to have value and I didn’t mean financial. I had a very negative view of money and the people in society with it. I never wanted to be motivated in my life choices by money alone and the idea of becoming a business woman was never on my radar.

Following this path, I trained as a teacher and subsequently a coach, supporting young people to raise their aspirations and find their soul purpose. I loved my work but life itself was a struggle, especially with a mortgage and growing family but this was just the way life was meant to be right?

A faceless, underpaid commodity

Following redundancy I started my own business as a writer. Actually that’s an exaggeration, I was completely in the dark, I had no idea what I was doing and but I knew I needed to earn money, fast. We just couldn’t pay all the bills with my husband’s wage alone.

I’d always loved writing and had done it all my life in some way, I particularly enjoyed teaching it to young people, words are powerful tools and I knew from my experience they had the power to change lives but I never imagined anyone would pay me for my writing.

Out of desperation, broke with two children under 3, I signed up for online writing work platforms. The market was saturated and competition was fierce, it seemed that price was the only indicator to many potential clients and this meant that writers were getting paid peanuts.

I was so happy to get my first job and earned $25 for two weeks worth of work.

My husband said I was crazy and maybe I was but that first job gave me the confidence to know I could work from home, take care of my children and do a bloody good job that I enjoyed at the same time.

My journey had begun
I got a 5* review on that first job which enabled me to charge more on the second, as my reputation, experience and confidence grew I was able to earn more I also took courses and continued to upskill myself, adding constantly to my repertoire of services.
I soon recognised though that I had reached my earning limit. Just working on these online platforms gave me no space to build relationships, I was just a faceless, underpaid commodity.


A network that saved me
After my 3rd baby was born, I stumbled across Bizmums, a networking organisation for mums in business. I didn’t really know anyone else who did what I was doing and it was so incredibly liberating walking in to a room full of women that understood what my life was like.

On this day, two things happened. I was ignited with a passion to work for women in business, women and mothers who I could connect with, who were experiencing the same challenges but equally the same joy that comes with being self employed and in control.

Also I started to recognise the power of building relationships in business and it didn’t take long for me to see the connection between this and what I was doing as a copywriter. It wasn’t about manipulation like I had been taught previously, it was about using the gravity of words to bring people together, to serve and inspire action.

As I focused on building relationships with women who brought me joy to work with then these connections quickly converted into clients.


Mission Led Content
Although I loved writing copy, as the years went on I discovered it drained me of energy. It was very labour intensive and I was missing time with my family. I might have been at home a lot but my face was buried in the computer and I wasn’t truly present.

I looked to see how I could restructure my business and as I agonised over what I should do, I looked through my testimonials. What I saw hit me like a bolt of lightning. My clients weren’t just saying they liked the copy I wrote but that I helped them untangle the mess in their head and create a message that they could believe in and confidently share.

I realised in that moment that my ‘wasted’ teaching degree and wasted coaching qualification was actually all worth it. My education and experience had given me a unique perspective and tool kit to help these women define what they want to say and share it unapologetically with the world.

This is when Mission Led Content was born and my change of direction to teaching as opposed to writing.

When we know what our mission is and the change we want to create in the world, we can use this energy to drive us and our content. We can get out of our own way and be visible. Growing our business and increasing our impact. Win/win.

Building my business, building my life
This journey of mumprenureship has been an evolution. My business is now more than a job, it has enriched my life with the most precious, ambitious, supportive and beautiful women.

I run a mentorship group that’s packed full of training to help purpose driven women write better copy but it’s more than an online course, it’s a community of friends, supporting each other and lifting each other up, higher than they ever imagined.

Good job I enjoy what I do because being a mother of 3 young girls brings its own challenges I am so thankful that my business gives me the freedom to spend time with my girls even when they drive me up the wall!

Want to experience Mission Led Content for yourself? Join my next 5 day free challenge and get your mission on.


South Wales Digital: Small Business Content Writer of the Year
Dec 2016
Awarded to me by the Digital Dragons online SME awards for my work with them.

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