Become a Sales Funnel Superhero

Stop procrastinating and start making more money.
When you become a sales funnel superhero you get access to high level
training and support that will take you from the idea stage right
through to my Facebook Funnel ads strategy.
Dear Friend,

I know your busy because I am too but I know what it feels like to be busier than busy, to run a race with time from the moment you wake up and every day, and no matter how hard you try, it still catches up with you. I know what it feels like to have dreams and ambition blocked at every turn by lack of cash flow, fear of failure and dread over other people’s opinions (not that they matter but still block us at times don’t they)!

I also know what it’s like to have business ideas but no idea how to implement them, tech was never my strong point and I was self sabotaging my business growth because I told myself it was all too hard.

It wasn’t hard at all, once I got out of my own way that is!

18 months ago I took the brave but hugely beneficial step of investing in myself. I signed up to a wildly expensive course that I couldn’t really afford and despite shitting myself I plunged into a new world of funnel strategies and Facebook ads.

I had already spend four years helping people with their sales funnels but this training allowed me to understand how to put a whole strategy together from start to finish and implement incredible hacks to keep conversions high.

As a copywriter my message has always been connection, I believe passionately that the way to make money as small businesses is to step away from the desperation for a sale and instead focus on relationships. This mindset shift allows you to enjoy your business more because you are doing what humans are supposed to do; connect. These connections lead beautifully and organically to sales because you have given people a deeper reason to invest in you.

I have integrated this marketing philosophy into my sales funnel training and it’s been incredible teaching woman how to create nurturing systems that give them more time, more connections and more conversions.


Now I want to give it to you.

I am making all workbooks and tutorials available for all those ready to stop procrastinating and start making meaningful connections but because this is an online course it will be a fraction of the cost of working with me 1-2-1 but 100% of the value.

It doesn’t stop there though, as well as the content you get access to an exclusive Facebook group where I am making a commitment to show up weekly for Q and A, content reviews and updated training sessions, so if anything changes in the world of sales funnels you know about it fast.

Well now’s your time because for a limited time this is all available for just £300
What do you get when you become a sales funnel superhero student


I have 10 workbooks that will take you through the whole process but you don’t have to be new to sales funnels to benefit. You can step in at any stage to fix your current funnel or increase conversions. Here is what is waiting for you on the other side…

Knowing me knowing you – guidance and support to make sure you have complete clarity before you begin. Tips for research hacks (including the backend of Facebook – yes there is a backend) and the lowdown on how to get your message perfected through the eyes of a copywriter.

Worth £75

Survey special – knowing what to ask, who to ask and how to do it is part of the process of creating an aligned and connected sales funnel. Stop guessing what they want and start delivering their desires using their words directly in your copy. Get all this information from a powerful survey process that I will teach you in workbook 2.

Worth £75

Do the groundwork – analyse your survey results using a  high level copy strategy, learn how to tell your powerful stories and identify the objections and learn to value the arguments people give for why people won’t work with you and use it to your advantage. Not an easy process but the energy you put into the groundwork will not only uplevel your sales funnel but every piece of copy you create from now on.

Worth £7

Funnel map – using all the research, map out an aligned and connected sales funnel and create the most enticing lead magnets that will hook your future clients.

Worth £75

Tell your story – recognise the power in your own heroines story, we only make connections with people when we are willing to show up as ourselves.

Worth £75

Diamond blog post – write a blog post like you have never created before. Learn the structure that enables you to tell your story in a beautiful and powerful way that becomes an incredible marketing tool for your new funnel.

Worth £75

Onboarding email sequence – 74 pages of swipe copy and detailed, plus expert guidance on using your groundwork doc to create highly converting emails that make powerful connections.

Worth £75

The funnel puzzle – from opt In pages to thank you pages, from pixels to flashy buttons – get the technical low down of a high end funnel system without the tech jargon (because i don’t understand any of that shit either lol)

Worth £75

Facebook ads – learn the blog and video based strategy that works for funnels, blowing industry standards out of the water.

Worth £75

Marketing plan – what’s next? Well with this final piece of the puzzle get expert guidance on putting together a 13 week marketing plan that will continue to drive traffic to your funnel and build your list.

Worth £75

Imagine having your sales funnel running, your ads converting and your business growing all while you focus on doing what you love and serving the people you were born to serve. It can happen.

It will happen and the process itself will be enlightening and transformational. I don’t need to empower you, you already have the power within yourself, I can just provide you with clarity and confidence to take on the world and shine your light brightly.

What do other clients say?
“We have been working with Lisa now for more than 8 months and she is a joy to work with. Knowledgeable, honest and very effective with words she has really helped and supported our business. Things that we have struggled to do she has come in and done quickly and competently. We would happily recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business.” Ruth Steggles

Fresh Air Fridays

“Lisa is truly a lovely lady, mother and wife with superb talent. Her expertise lies not only with copywriting and phenomenal Blog writing, but she is also amazing at Sales Funnels, due to her fully extensive funnel knowledge and incredible writing ability. I have experienced her coaching skills and together with her beautiful kind nature, she listens and immediately connects with you straight away. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Helen Cameron

CEO, Magnificent Menopause Mindset

“I am so happy that I’ve signed up for this sales funnel course. Lisa is a fabulous mentor. She opened my eyes for the things I never thought about. My business started growing from the first session with her. Lisa helped me to feel more confident and believe in myself. I’m so happy to work with her.” Justyna Cieslinska


Wait… there’s more


Alongside tutorials and workbooks you get continuous support from me in an exclusive Facebook group.

  • Get weekly content reviews where i review members content for free
  • Q and A sessions so you get an answer to those niggly questions
  • Updated training so you never have to fall behind again.
  • A community of like minded women who value connection, taking the same action and growing their business together. Holding each other accountable, inspiring each other and getting each other through the tough times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a one off fee?
Yes once you are in you won’t be asked for another penny, you will get all the content FOREVER and access to all the support you need through the Facebook group indefinitely.
What about when Facebook updates and changes?
When I know, you will know. I make it my business to stay abreast of the developments in the industry so you don’t have to. That’s one of the benefits of the Facebook group, it’s a great way to deliver training quickly and efficiently, keeping you in the know.
What if I already have a sales funnel?
This course is designed for those who are at the beginning of the process as well those who have already started and those who have a funnel finished but want to uplevel it to increase conversions. The course is a step by step approach but you can easily access what you need to suit where you are in your funnel journey.
Can I pay on a payment plan?
I totally get what it’s like to struggle with cash flow and so am happy to talk to anyone who wants to discuss a payment plan option. It’s not something I have available here because i have specifically kept the price low but I don’t want anyone to feel they can’t access what they need because of money.
Will the price change?
Yes, those in Bizmums VIP will always get 50% off the group. For everyone else the price will increase. £300 is the launch price and will be available till the end of 2018 before I reassess.
What if I don't join at the same time as everyone else?
This course has a constant opencart. It will be an on going registration and so apart from the very beginning when I will upload a new workbook each week, everyone will be at different stages. This won’t be a problem because we can all support each other, the end goal is the same for everyone. The content I provide in the group will be organised so it’s easy to find where ever you are in the process.
What if I don't like it?
I provide a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee so once you’re in if you don’t like what you see you can just ask for your money back.